Runaway Cupid: Mt. Olympus Employment Agency: Cupid, Novella 3

Is it love, or is it magic?

Fifth generation Cupid Valentine Hart always did what was expected of her. But the idea of magically forcing strangers to love each other never sat well with her. Shouldn’t love come naturally? Shouldn’t people be able to make their own choices? Fresh out of Cupid training, she makes a run for it, leaving everyone and everything she knows behind.

Val stops in a small town during their annual GoatFest and follows a baby goat in a tutu to her dream job in a bakery. No one would think to look for her there, not the home office, not her domineering mother, and not Nick–the ex who might not be her ex, or maybe never was hers in the first place. She might even find a second chance at love with a charming local photographer named Eli.

But no one can hide from Mt. Olympus for very long, and someone with cupid magic is up to no good in Shepherd’s Hill, Kansas. Val will have to find the real culprit to clear her own name and ultimately decide which life she wants to live.

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Counterfeit Cupid: Mt. Olympus Employment Agency: Cupid, Novella 2

Josh is a horrible Cupid. The matches he makes are sloppy and fall apart by the third date, and he tends to forget his wings and his bow and arrows in the back seat of his car instead of bringing them into the office.

The truth is, Josh doesn’t actually believe in love.

Annie believes in love with all her heart. She watches it happen every day at the hotel where she works. Unfortunately, true love hasn’t come calling for Annie yet.

The truth is, Annie believes so much, nobody can live up to her dream.

When Josh shows up in Dallas with a special assignment to save true love, Annie is stunned to discover Cupids are real. She’s certain this one doesn’t deserve the title or the tools of the trade. But an untrained believer with sticky fingers may be every bit as bad as a Cupid who doesn’t care.

Between them, they may have everything they need to save true love. But only if they work together.

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Emergency Cupid: Mt. Olympus Employment Agency: Cupid, Novella 1

When someone sets off a homemade love bomb in the middle of a Dallas fire station, Ellen is the obvious choice to clean it up. After all, she’s the number one Cupid in the department.

Wild love magic is everywhere, creating bad matches and causing chaos wherever Ellen turns. But Chaos itself has an interest in the situation and sends an agent from its own department to show Ellen there’s more than one way to approach a problem.

Ellen expects the field trip to a brand new city will add to her already impressive record of love matches. But nothing is going right, and her record may not be what she thought it was.

People aren’t statistics. Love is more than finished paperwork. And maybe she needs to think about a happily ever after of her own before she can help others find theirs.

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