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  1. Just wondering why witch’s war hasn’t come out yet. 🙁
    I’ve read all your books and am just curious what happened.
    Your Biggest Fan

  2. I just wanted to know where you’ve been all my life? I stumbled across “Monsters in My Closet” and, though I am only halfway through, I am finding that it is wonderful and that you are destined to become an all time favorite author. Many people attempt urban fantasy and fall flat but you have the gift! I am now on a quest to read every one of your books. I am disabled so I read a lot and also have chronic pain, so wonderful books like yours improve the quality of my life and take my mind off the pain so that I end up using less medication. Win! Keep up the good work! You are making people’s lives better in so many ways. Thank you!

    • Hi, Jane! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me these kind words. I’m so happy I helped you take your mind of your pain, but I’m also so sorry to hear that you have it in the first place. I hope the rest of my books keep your mind occupied and entertained. I’ll keep writing and keep you in my thoughts.

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