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  1. Hey Rachel! Great to hear from you again. So sorry for your loss. Happy to hear about your other news. I look forward to seeing the cover and hearing more. Hugs.

    • 🙂 Hi, Yolanda. It’s been a long, difficult year, and the last few weeks were especially tough. But I’m eager to move forward, now. Thanks for the hugs and kind words!

  2. Your post was certainly and up-and-down ride! Thoughts and prayers and tears for you and yours. Total jumping up and down with joy and anticipation for the new books 🙂 So does this mean a trip down through Wichita for a book tour? And, will these be coming out in print? Miss you……………..

    • Thanks for the the tears and prayers as well as the joy and jumping up and down, Linda. 🙂 Yeah. It’s been a lot of up-and-down. The new books will most definitely be available in print. We’re putting out this next series under our own imprint, so we’ll be able to have print and digital out at the same time. Still won’t have the books in stores, but they will be available in print.(We did Transmonstrified under our own imprint, so if you were able to get that okay, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the Mt. Olympus series.) Don’t know about a book tour this early in the series, but if all goes well, absolutely! Any excuse to come visit with the best book club in the country!

  3. I’m so sorry. As I watch my own Dad, who was a brilliant aerospace engineer and instrumental in inventing GPS (then called NAVSTAR, a military application) slip into forgetfulness and confusion, it breaks my heart. I know his death will injure my heart when it occurs but it will also be a type of blessing, that he will have the opportunity to be reborn strong and healthy. To be that Dad who built igloos in the snow in the winter and could throw a ball so far straight up that you could barely see it. As I see it, and feel free to think I’m crazy, death is like winter, but spring is around the corner and the seeds of who our loved ones were come back stronger and better, albeit slightly different, to live again. Nothing is ever truly lost. I know you miss him but he is on a grand adventure somewhere, sometime, so try to be happy for him, he would want that.

    Love you,


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