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What’s Nanu Reemoo? (Part 2) — 3 Comments

  1. Yay! I am doing this too and had no idea that I was part of a named group XD. I quite like being a rebel.
    I have a 50k novella to write that is already around 18 or 19000 words. I intend to get that finished, and if that’s all I do, that’s fine. I do have a job, two children and a degree to finish, so that will be cool. But if I can hit the 50k mark by also writing some short stories, some chapters of my serial or perhaps even work on another novel, then that will be fantastic. As you say, what’s important is pushing yourself and spending a month dedicating yourself to your writing. That’s why this week I’m writing essays and doing paperwork for the paid job. Clearing the way! 😀 good luck.

    • I’m glad I can reassure you, Alison! My first year of doing NaNo, before I found the “rebel” section, I was pretty stressed over the idea that I was “cheating,” and not embracing the throw-caution-to-the-wind spirit of the event. For me, it’s a tool to do what I need to get done. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck in your writing. I know it’s tough when you’ve got life stuff that takes priority. You can do it!

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