Monster in My Closet: Happy Words from Happy People

“After the first few sentences involving a plunger being used as a weapon, I knew I was going to love Monster in My Closet complete with all of its cheekiness and quirky characters.” ~ All Things Urban Fantasy

Monster in my Closet has it all, suspense, romance, growth for the character. I couldn’t put it down it sucked me in from the start which is what I love about a book. I had to know more about Zoey, she was always in the back of my mind when I wasn’t reading.” ~ The Reading Diaries

Monster in My Closet is a breath of fresh air that isn’t afraid to step outside the box. It has all the aspects of a book that I could ever hope for. Urban Fantasy, a dash of romance, paranormal creatures, and silly scenes. There was no doubt in my mind that this book is a must read just by reading the first line.” ~ Lily Element Reviews

“A cast of supporting characters really gets you rolling in this quick read and will make you grin. I know I had a silly grin on my face at this wonderful story.” ~ Book-A-Holic Anon

“This book was hilarious.  I found myself laughing outright more than once…The story was believable, and it seemed more real to life than others (if soul-sucking incubi were real, that is).  I couldn’t put this story down, and I’m really hoping R.L. Naquin turns this into a series.” ~ Rom Fan Reviews

“This first installment in a developing series shines with its originality and playfulness. Ms. Naquin has created an entertaining world of the supernatural with intriguing characters that will have you anticipating the next book.” ~ Romancing the Dark Side

“This book is just fun. Not an on the edge of your chair book, nor a huge smexy time book, but there are hints at both. The heroine isn’t snarky like I usually enjoy, but quirky enough that you just enjoyed her presence. Plus you can’t forget the monster in the closet!” ~ Books and Things

“Naquin not only wrote a fabulous story but she thought outside the box throughout the entire thing. If you are looking for a fun new urban fantasy that is not your typical vampire, shape shifter, angel, ghost… whatever… this is the book.” ~ Book Sniffers Anonymous

“What I found in this book was a really delightful, magical story that was a complete pleasure to read and different from the rather dark books I’d been reading. It was like a happy, smart palate cleanser for my brain.” ~ Wicked Little Pixie

“In a genre that is saturated with novels, Naquin’s voice is an upbeat take in the urban fantasy scene.  Naquin’s characters leave one with an upbeat feeling, hopeful for the future and the events to come, not depressed by the choices that had to be made. I eagerly look forward to Pooka In My Pantry.” ~ Novel Reaction


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