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Book Covers and Information

Unamused Muse by R.L. NaquinBook Title: Unamused Muse
Series Title: Mt. Olympus Employment Agency: Muse #2
ISBN-13: 9781310893018
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 73,998

Back Cover Copy:
Wynter Greene, newly minted Muse at the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency, is on loan for six weeks to Hades, CEO of Underworld, LLC. Not a bad gig, if she doesn’t mind running errands across the River Styx. She hardly ever has to clean up after the three-headed dogs that guard the front gates. But she could do without so many people eager to fix her up on what literally amount to blind dates from Hell.

All Wynter wants to do is get her six weeks over with so she and Phyllis, her talking plant, can go home, and she can go back to work inspiring people. If she can keep from screwing up on this job, she’ll get a clean slate at Mt. Olympus.

Stripped of her Muse title, Wynter discovers she still can’t stop herself from inspiring people, even when the people she’s encouraging are supposed to be trapped in eternal torment.

Not the best way to win points with her new boss.

Unfinished Muse, Mt. Olympus Employment Agency #1 by R.L. NaquinBook Title: Unfinished Muse
Series Title: Mt. Olympus Employment Agency: Muse #1
ISBN-13: 9781311549051
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 73,998

Back Cover Copy:
Wynter Greene is a chronic quitter—in work, in life, and in love. When she quits a job, a boyfriend, and a seemingly minor craft project all in one day, the dormant deity blood in her veins triggers a Welcome Package from the gods. A talking—and singing—houseplant named Phyllis bullies Wynter into taking a job at the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency.

Stuck with a job in the Muse department, Wynter discovers that helping others finish what they start isn’t easy, especially for someone who can’t seem to finish anything of her own. And how is Wynter supposed to focus on anything when that guy from the Dreams and Nightmares department keeps distracting her with his rippling muscles and magnetic stare?

Wynter needs to figure her job out soon. Each failure is a tick mark on her record, and if she continues to miss her deadlines, she’ll be reassigned to the Underworld as a dog walker.

And scooping poop for a giant three-headed dog is nobody’s ideal career.

Phoenix In My Fortune by R.L. Naquin
Book Title: Phoenix in My Fortune
Series Title: A Monster Haven Story #6
ISBN-13: 9781426899560
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 69,685

Back Cover Copy:

When Zoey Donovan found out monsters are real, her life changed–mostly for the better. Since then, she’s fought bad guys, saved the world a time or two and earned the love of a growing family of humans and Hidden creatures alike. But the danger that’s chased her from the beginning is finally here.

Shadow Man, aka The Last Hidden, has stepped out of the story humans wrote for him and into the real world, hell-bent on stealing children. Fiction has become reality and Shadow Man intends to break the Covenant, reclaim the Hidden, and kill all Aegises along the way…triple bad news for Zoey and her mother, the only two Aegises still alive.

Zoey will have to rescue the stolen kids and hunt down the most terrifying villain humanity has ever imagined. But how can she fight a creature only invented a few years ago? If Shadow Man triumphs, the world as she knows it will end. If Zoey succeeds in driving him out, the people she loves the most may be lost to her forever.

Demons in My Driveway by R.L. Naquin from Carina PressBook Title: Demons in My Driveway
Series Title: A Monster Haven Story #5
ISBN-13: 9781426899157
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 81,700

Back Cover Copy:

Zoey Donovan–Aegis and co-opted protector of all things supernatural–is moving up in the Hidden world. Actually, she’s being dropkicked onto the front lines of a fight between the newly formed Cult of Imagination and Hidden governments everywhere.

The Cult is opening portals and unleashing demons, vampires and werewolves, growing closer to breaking the lock that holds back the zombie apocalypse with every world they crack open. Oh, and they want every last Aegis in the world dead, and a roving band of Hidden worshippers is only too eager to assist.

On the upside, Zoey finally has her mother back. But having another Aegis around–one with very different ideas on how to run things–is proving difficult. For their own safety, they’re stuck inside Zoey’s home. What was once a haven is now a prison, further straining maternal relations and alienating her reaper boyfriend. Taking down a cult and saving the world–again–would be a lot easier if she could go farther than her own driveway.

Fairies in my FireplaceBook Title: Golem in My Glovebox
Series Title: A Monster Haven Story #4
ISBN-13: 9781426898167
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 80,000

Back Cover Copy:

In her role as Aegis, Zoey Donovan has rescued and cared for hundreds of monsters and mythical creatures. Now humans are the ones in need of her help. Someone with a personal vendetta against the Board of Hidden Affairs has kidnapped all the other Aegises in the country—including Zoey’s mother.

With the Hidden government in shambles and a string of deadly clues to follow, Zoey and her reaper boyfriend set out on a cross-country chase to stop the kidnapper from killing the captured Aegises. Along the way, they pick up a miniature golem who’s on a quest to find his humanity…and may be the key to solving the grisly clues.

If Zoey succeeds in defeating this new evil, she’ll finally be reunited with the mother she lost over twenty years ago. But if she fails, she’ll become the final victim.

Fairies in my FireplaceBook Title: Fairies in My Fireplace
Series Title: A Monster Haven Story #3
ISBN-13: 9781426896279
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 86,000

Back Cover Copy:

A migration of mythical creatures has begun, and more and more of them are landing on Zoey Donovan’s doorstep. As the only Aegis left in the country, it falls to her to protect the Hidden and keep them safe—and her house has become a sanctuary for water sprites, goblins, harpies, djinn and more.

Keeping track of her boarders is a full-time job, and Zoey’s already got her hands full trying to run her wedding planning business. Good thing she has a resident closet monster to keep her organized, and a hot Reaper boyfriend to help her relax every once in a while.

But she can’t keep up monster-triage indefinitely, and as more Hidden arrive, it becomes clear that someone—or something—is hunting them. In the midst of planning an event for a notoriously difficult client, Zoey’s got to figure out who’s behind the hunt…and she’s got to stop them before there are no Hidden left.

PookaInMyPantryBook Title: Pooka in My Pantry
Series Title: A Monster Haven Story #2
ISBN-13: 9781426895241
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 89,000

Back Cover Copy:

Zoey Donovan—empath, wedding planner, go-to girl for monsters with personal problems—has been marked twice for pickup by Death. On both occasions, Riley the smoking-hot reaper has refused to follow through. For his breach of protocol, Riley is now on probation. For her refusal to die on schedule, Zoey’s right to live is challenged. She will have to undergo a life-or-death trial, but she won’t know when or where it will happen…

Staying alive might not be so difficult if the Leprechaun Mafia hadn’t strolled into town. Now every business owner with the slightest connection to the supernatural community is being threatened with the most appalling bad luck if they don’t pay up. Mirrors are smashed, bodies are dropping, and Zoey’s still got clients waiting for fabric samples.

With a little luck, she might be able to save everyone and still have time for a second attempt at a decent first date with her favorite reaper.

Monster in My Closet cover

Book Title: Monster in My Closet
Series Title: A Monster Haven Story #1
ISBN-13: 9781426894138
Author: R.L. Naquin
Word Count: 77,000

Short Description:
An empathic wedding planner with a knack for helping people with their problems finds her house overrun with monsters, mythical creatures, and urban legends in need of assistance. At the same time, a hungry incubus is following her around town, devouring every woman she touches—including her bridal clients.

Long Description:
Zoey Donovan is an empath—she feels the emotions of those around her. This makes her a compassionate friend and a fabulous wedding planner. It also attracts the emotionally needy, who have a tendency to stick to her like gum on the bottom of her shoe. When Zoey finds the terrifying closet monster of her childhood baking muffins in her kitchen, she agrees (after the initial shock) to let him stay. Word spreads throughout the supernatural community, and she attracts a variety of odd creatures, each needing a little extra help.

When Zoey crosses paths with an incubus, he gets a taste of the emotional energy she stores up from the people around her. Worse, she leaves a piece of herself on every woman she helps—tasty snacks for the demon before Zoey becomes the main course. Now, brides are dropping dead of orgasm all over Sausalito, while the incubus taunts Zoey in her dreams.

What she lacks in grit, shiny weapons, and kick-assitude, Zoey makes up in humor, compassion, and self-deception. She must learn to focus her powers and defeat the incubus before he destroys her wedding planning business and comes back to finish her. If she has five minutes, she might even find out why the gorgeous paramedic she keeps running into seems to be collecting the souls of the dead.

It’s all a bit much, when everyone knows there’s no such thing as monsters.

Back Cover Copy:

I stopped believing in monsters long ago. But I knew I wasn’t imagining things when I found one in my kitchen baking muffins. I’d seen him before: lurking in my closet, scaring the crap out of my five-year-old self. Turns out that was a misunderstanding, and now Maurice needs a place to stay. How could I say no?

After all, I’ve always been a magnet for the emotionally needy, and not just in my work as a wedding planner. Being able to sense the feelings of others can be a major pain. Don’t get me wrong, I like helping people—and non-people. But this ability has turned me into a gourmet feast for an incubus, a demon that feeds off emotional energy. Now, brides are dropping dead all over town, and my home has become a safe house for the supernatural. I must learn to focus my powers and defeat the demon before he snacks on another innocent woman and comes looking for the main course…

Interesting Tidbits

  • Although she’s been to Disneyland Paris three times, Rachel has never seen the Eiffel Tower.
  • In order to dress her main character, Zoey, Rachel often raids her daughter’s closet and Pinterest account.
  • The Monster Haven series is set in Marin County, in Northern California, where Rachel spent most of her childhood. She still has several close friends in the area who help her by answering questions.
  • All of Rachel’s cats are named after food: Oatmeal, Cornflake, Biscotti, and Molasses (Molly).
  • Monster in My Closet was Rachel’s first full-length novel. She also had several short stories published in magazines and anthologies.
  • Rachel completed Monster in My Closet during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November 2010. She spent two months polishing that original draft before sending it out. It was acquired by Carina Press one week before NaNoWriMo 2011, during which she wrote the sequel, Pooka in My Pantry.
  • All six books of the Monster Haven series have been picked up by Carina Press, and will be released by Harlequin in print as part of its direct-to-consumer program.

Author Bio

R.L. Naquin is the author of the Monster Haven urban fantasy series from Carina Press and the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency series from Bottle Cap Publishing. You can find her on the Web at: www.rlnaquin.com

Rachel writes stories that drop average people into magical situations filled with heart and quirky humor.

She believes in pixie dust, the power of love, good cheese, lucky socks and putting things off until the last minute. Her home is Disneyland, despite her current location in Kansas. Rachel has one husband, two grown kids and a crazy-catlady starter kit.


Photos by Matthew Naquin (www.matthewnaquin.com)

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