Fairies in my Firplace_finalOkay, guys. The new cover is finally here. Ta da!

Have you pre-ordered yet? Yes? Thank you! No? Better hurry before they run out of digital ink! Here are some places you can pre-order if you’re so inclined, but keep in mind, my books are available wherever ebooks are sold, so if you have a favorite place to shop, check there, too. A few have the previous books, but don’t have Fairies in My Fireplace for pre-order, so if one of those is your preferred venues, hang in there. It’ll be available September 2. It’s not going to hurt my feelings if you wait  until it comes out.

Amazon  Barnes & Noble Books-a-Million

Release day is a little over five weeks away. But more immediate is my looming deadline to turn in book four, Golem in My Glovebox. It’s written, but I’m still frantically editing it into shape before sending it off to my editor. She doesn’t need to see my first draft. I bury odd comments and fill-in words like “blah blah” in the manuscript while I write.

I left myself a weird note on a side document of stuff I need to fix in editing. This mysterious sentence simply says “Do a search for the word ‘orangutan’ and replace it with something clever.”

Perhaps now you can appreciate the effort I go to when I talk to you. I’m a lot less clear and a lot stranger when talking to myself.

So. Hope you like the cover. It’ll start trickling out to the vendors soon. I have to get back to work now. I hope your orangutans are more clever than mine.

See you real soon!


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